Communications Regarding Abuse

Abuse is a traumatic incident in the life of a victim. It has far-reaching and profound impacts on them and often their families. It also profoundly affects the whole community of the faithful. Communication in situations of abuse is both necessary and delicate.

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) commits to transparency in the general process but guarantees discretion and protection of victims and their families in handling situations of abuse.

We strongly believe that it is the exclusive right and duty of child protection services and law enforcement to investigate and to determine guilt or innocence. It is up to these authorities to make the final statement on such situations. The Society of St. Pius X will not and cannot assume this role.

The SSPX readily provides all necessary information to child protection services and law enforcement and collaborates with any ongoing investigation. We encourage witnesses to do the same to help establish the truth in all situations. We encourage anyone with credible allegations to come forward as soon as they learn of suspected abuse. We work with all civil authorities and law enforcement agencies in these matters.

For media inquiries, we operate on a strict need-to-know basis. It may happen that we can't comment on ongoing investigations so as not to interfere. It might also happen that the victims or their families do not want to be known publicly.