The SSPX holds itself to highest standards to prevent, recognize, and report abuse

The SSPX developed its own policies, procedures, and training which are customized and adjusted to the particular situations of the SSPX apostolate. Everyone put in a position of trust and working with children or vulnerable adults must be screened, trained, and approved for service in SSPX entities.

Every member, staff, and volunteer, before being placed in a position of trust, must successfully complete a thorough application and screening process, follow the Abuse Prevention & Response training program, and be approved for work with minors and vulnerable adults. 

Training, Policies & Procedures

The Abuse Prevention & Response training program raises awareness to improve the recognition, reporting, and prevention of child abuse. The Policies and Procedures are part of this training. 

Background Evaluations

The SSPX evaluates the background of all its parish, school, or other paid staff and volunteers.


We will gather necessary information and store it in a secure manner in our priories or at the District Headquarters. We oversee the recruitment and screening of volunteers and staff and ensure the proper training and certification of our staff.

Third Party Supervision

The US District has a yearly audit from an independent expert to ensure its program continues to meet the highest standards.