Reporting Suspected Abuse of a Minor

If anyone has reason to believe, or might suspect, there is or has been abuse involving clergy, employees, volunteers, or children attending SSPX schools, parish religious education programs, or other church-related events, those suspicions or allegations are to be reported to their local law enforcement or child protective services.

As a courtesy we ask that you notify the US District if you suspect maltreatment of a minor by a Society of St. Pius X member, chapel/school employee, or volunteer, we strongly encourage you to identify:

  • the child, children, or young people in danger;
  • the name of the suspected abuser;
  • as well as your name, address, and phone number as part of your report.  

Though we will follow up on anonymous complaints regarding minors, please understand that for the protection of children and young people, it is a great help in finding the truth of a situation if it is possible to speak with you directly. 

Please note: Informing the US District of suspected maltreatment does not relieve your obligation to report suspected abuse to local law enforcement or child protective services.