The SSPX Creates a Protection Program

Understanding the magnitude of the responsibility we carry in our care for children and other vulnerable people in our chapels, schools, and programs, the SSPX sought out the guidance of experts to ensure that no stone was left unturned in its effort to faithfully protect those in its care.

After years of collaboration and training, the SSPX moved to have an independent third party audit the program every year to ensure the continuity of training and ensure the program is being implemented and followed.

Support of Experts

These experts have helped the SSPX with policy development, upkeep, implementation, and training and certification of SSPX staff. Backed by this knowledge and experience, the SSPX developed policies suited to the multifaceted nature of our apostolate. An independent auditor continues to ensure expert advice is heeded and provided.

Tailormade Program

As the SSPX takes seriously its responsibility to protect children and other vulnerable persons in its care, it wrote its own tailor-made policies and administers its own abuse prevention program. This program is suited to the multifaceted nature of its apostolate. The independent guidance and support we receive ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of protection and accountability.