What Happens When a Formal Allegation is Made?

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When the US District of the Society of Saint Pius X Receives an Official Allegation that a Cleric, Employee, or Volunteer of the Apostolate is Accused of Sexual Abuse or Misconduct with a Minor:

The person making the allegation is directed to contact local law enforcement if a report has not already been made, and SSPX USA cooperates with any investigation that ensues.

  1. SSPX USA initiates an investigation immediately upon receiving word that an allegation of abuse has been made.
  2. Following SSPX USA’s Abuse Prevention & Response policy, appropriate action will be taken.1
  3. SSPX USA’s Abuse Prevention & Response Committee (APRC) begins the preliminary investigation of allegations of sexual abuse.
  4. Investigation begins with whoever made the initial report. A member of the Committee holds interviews with the reporting party and/or victim, and the person who has been accused, and offers victim services.
  5. The Committee's case file is given to the US District Superior. When a cleric is involved, the Independent Review Board (IRB) is convened. The members of the IRB are appointed by the US District Superior and act as counsel to him. Due to the confidential nature of this work, all members of the IRB have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 


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  • 1If sexual abuse, the person accused will be removed from duty immediately.

The IRB's members include a religious sister, canon lawyer, psychologist, attorney, retired FBI agent, and traditional Catholic married couple. 

The IRB will help determine whether the allegations are: 

  • Non substantiated - If the allegations cannot be substantiated and consistent with the recommendation of the IRB, the cleric, employee, or volunteer may be returned to full active duty. 
  • Substantiated - If the allegation is substantiated and consistent with the recommendation of the IRB, it may result in the permanent removal of the cleric, employee, or volunteer from active duty. 
  1. IRB provides their recommendation to the US District Superior, who assists the General House in making the final decision.